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Spring break is just about over. Luckily for us, we have seen a lot of action. Have we ever...

I have never understood it, but for the past few years spring break means only one thing... Drunk girls showing their tits. It seems like this young college girls can't show their tits enough. Don't think I am complaining. I love looking at tits! But, it does get a little boring. All tits and no beaver just leaves a guy with a forest in his pants.

We had a great idea. We thought we would reserve a small portion of the beach. Actually, it is part of the beach that has a bar. The bar comes right out to the water. Don't you just love Europe? Try doing that anywhere else in the world!

We offered any girl (who was old enough to drink) free drinks if they showed us their pussy. They had to sit on a stool with their pants off and spread their legs. If they did that, they could drink as much as they wanted for free.

I really didn't think that any women would do this. I mean, a night of booze can be costly, but not THAT costly. Was I ever wrong. I should know by now, people will do anything for booze. One of these days I will realize.

The first four wasn't bad. They were a little furry, but that was okay.

You won't believe this. Our buddy's girlfriend some how sneaked her way on to the stool. She knows she could have gotten free drinks. But, she went on there and it flipped out our buddy. At first he was pissed, then she started to act crazy.

She was rubbing her pussy and moaning. I could tell that it was fake moaning, but still it was something else to see! I couldn't believe it, but he went up to her and ate her pussy! It was crazy. I mean, wow. Stuff like that isn't supposed to happen on the beach!

We had to tell the girls in line behind them to come around them and flash their beavers to us. Some of the girls took their pants off and bent over showing us their asses. I liked that better than seeing the girls on the stools.

We had over 50 girls show us their pussy. I couldn't believe it. Actually a few of them showed us their ass instead. That was because the stool was busy.

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